A composite of many actual steamboats that plied America’s rivers in the 19th century, the 100-foot-long William D. Evans. was launched in 1986 as a loving tribute to that era’s most elegant mode of transportation. From the three hand-crafted wooden masts at her bow, to the twelve ton paddlewheel at her stern, she recalls in smallest detail a colorful period of American history typified by graceful living. Skimming the blue-green waters of Mission Bay, the William D. Evans presents a magical setting in which to stage a truly memorable event. Equipped to handle 600 guests, she provides all the modern amenities while still maintaining an air of 19th century elegance. Everywhere are signs of countless hours patiently spent attending to the smallest details. Asian ironwood parquet floors, custom-woven
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wool carpets, hand carved mahogany doors, and delicately etched glass. Everything about her takes you back to a time of elegant ladies, maverick card players and rip-roaring entertainment. Stroll the gently curved decks of teak. Run your hands over the smooth varnished rails. Ceilings of ornamental-pressed tin glint with highlights from shimmering hand-crafted lamps. At every-glance, polished brass gleams a golden glow. An exquisite masterpiece of stained glass artistry arcs above your head as 50,000 pieces of European stained glass form a vaulted skylight 42 feet long and 18 feet wide. Portraying life when the paddle-boat dominated the waterways, this incredible achievement is stunning both day and night. By night the William D. Evans becomes the gem of the bay
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with total illumination from stem to stern. Interior lighting makes her glass glow, while orange-colored “fire” within the smoke stacks flickers in the night sky. Guests will find it easy to relax and enjoy your gathering, with completely stocked bars on both interior decks. In the Grand Salon (second level), a graceful arc of carved mahogany, polished brass and mirrors suggests an elegant salon of the 1800’s. On the first level, the “Boiler Room Bar” is twenty feet of copper and brass resembling massive antique boilers. Lights glimmer, gauges fluctuate and “fire” flickers behind the grates to recall a day when steamboats were the primary means of travel. Seating up to 160 diners on each interior deck, the William D. Evans sets an elegant table with fine linens, crystal stemware, china settings and silver
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flatware to impress any gathering. Below deck, a fully equipped galley can handle any size event, meaning an end to onshore catering needs. Full ovens, broilers, range tops and refrigeration enable us to bring aboard anything required for an elegant banquet. An elevator between two decks allows for quick and easy serving. To ensure your event is a rousing success, the crew aboard the William D. Evans takes great care to see that each guest receives friendly and impeccable service. To make any excursion a “total” 19th century experience, all crew members wear authentic period dress. While only a little more than half the length of the 200-foot palaces of a century ago, the William D. Evans’ twin 400-horsepower, turbo-charged diesel engines provide more than those steam-powered giants
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could ever dream of producing. Complementing this power, a full state-of-the-art communications, navigational and safety equipment — along with steel hull construction — makers her one of the safest excursion boats afloat, earning her U.S. Coast Guard and American Bureau of Shipping Certification.

The William D. Evans. Continuing the American paddlewheel tradition... Providing an unforgettable setting for your next event.